Planning the Best Trip to Yogyakarta by Going to These Spots

Yogyakarta is one famous tourism city that you can find in Indonesia. Because of that reason, many people are having a trip to Yogyakarta. If you are also thinking about the same thing, you will need to plan your trip to this city first since this city is one city that runs forward. You can simply say that every month there will be some new discoverable spots that you need to visit. Therefore, you need to plan everything first before you go to this city and enjoy your trip. If you want, there are some recommended travel spots that you can visit if you are in this city. Here are some of those spots.

  • The first one is Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark. The name is so long, but many locals just call the name as Jogja Bay. This water park is one of the best and the most modern water parks that you can find in Indonesia. That is because the main concept of this water park is taken from the similar water park that you can find in Orlando. With about 19 different attractions on this water park, this place is surely one nice place to visit, especially if you are visiting this city with your family. Though the area is not huge, this water park is always full of visitors.
  • The second one is De Mata Trick Eye Museum. This is the place that you need to visit if you want to take a lot of pictures for your social media. That is because this museum offers you abut 130 different 3D paintings where you can have your picture during your special trip to Yogyakarta. You can make sure that all of your friends will be shocked to see your pictures. That is because all of the paintings on this museum are totally realistic so that only few people will suddenly notice.
  • The third one is Kebun Buah Langka Sedayu. In this garden, you will find a lot of rare fruits that you might have never heard before. That is because this garden has about 300 rare fruits starting from the Amazon Peanuts, the Nagami Orange, and also the Blackberry. As an addition to that, you can also find some other unique fruits from Indonesia such as the Tin, the Honey Star fruit, and many others. The entrance ticket is also totally affordable and if you are on the right time, you can try to harvest and taste the fruit on your own.


Those are some of the spots that you might want to visit if you are in Yogyakarta for your travel or your trip. For your consideration, all of those spots above are just some recommendation for the best spots if you want to have the nice trip to Yogyakarta. Basically, there are still a lot other spots that you can visit. Therefore, if you still have few more days on this city, you need to visit some other travel spots that this city offers.



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